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The Top 5 Photo Booth Trends for Weddings in 2020

The first thing we think about when we hear the word “wedding” is church bells and a bride walking down the aisle. Our wedding is one of the most memorable of days. Many of us think about it from a young age and even plan one in our minds. There are many things that are required to make a wedding special. One of those things is a photo booth hire. If you plan on getting married and want to have the time of your life, you need to hire a photo booth. To make the most of the photo booth, you need to consider the hottest photo booth trends in 2020. Let’s take a look at the top trends.

Projection Videos

Projection videos have become extremely popular. They are a favourite among lovers who want to record every bit of their wedding. Turn your traditional pictures into a collection of photos with amazing graphics. With the help of light projection, it is possible to make objects look extraordinary. They will appear as if they are morphing and shifting positions. Create the best photo experience for your wedding with projection videos.

Boomerang GIFs

Another popular trend that you need to know about is Boomerang GIFs. It is a combined series of images which convert various pictures into a looping video. This trend has been inspired by the Boomerang feature offered by Instagram. Get a photo booth hire and request Boomerang GIFs so that you can share them online. There are also individual frames that you can print.

Glamour Filter

Make your wedding look vintage with the glamour filter. It offers a distinguished look which will entertain all your guests and help ensure that everyone has the best time. The glamour filter has taken the world of weddings by storm. The end result is a classic picture of you and your guests looking awesome. The reason why the glamour filter is so popular is because it thickens your hair, softens your skin complexion, and reduces wrinkles. Thus, you and everyone in the picture would look like a model.

Animated Overlay

Spice up your wedding with animated overlays. They provide extra fun and get the party going. The best thing about GIF overlays is that they offer animated backgrounds and text to memorialise your big day. Besides, they tend to be fully customisable. Hence, you can edit them according to your taste.

Green Screen Pops

Everyone loves posing for static photos. This is why it makes sense to add a digital green screen background. It will add a fun element to the event. You might be thinking that a green screen would take up a lot of space but you have nothing to worry about because most photo booths today are designed to occupy minimal space.

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